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Leroy LynchTwo men whom police claim are involved in the brutal murder of RK security guard, Simone Coleridge, were yesterday charged with the capital offence of murder, when they appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.Kevin Bamfield Leroy Lynch,China NFL Jerseys, 30,Cheap Jerseys 2018, of East La Penitence Squatting Area, who also goes by the alias of “Simboo” and Kevin Bamfield, 33,NFL Jerseys China, of 3553 North Ruimveldt Postal Housing Scheme who is also known as “Kevin Holder” were not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that on May 28, last, the two murdered Simeon Coleridge.As the scruffily dressed,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, expressionless men stood in the docks of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, they proceeded to proclaim their innocence.According to Lynch, on the day in questioned when the murder happened he was participating in a Rastafarian festival all night.“Meh worship I was at a Nyahabinghi from since 21:00hrs in the night to 7:30hrs the next day,NFL Jerseys China, plus I got people who could and tell y’all this,” Lynch explained.The other defendant, Bamfield told the court that he recently returned from the interior and was sick at home when the murder happened.“I was at home sick and meh auntie could prove it,” Bamfield said.Bail was denied and the two are expected to make another court appearance on June 22. The matter was also transferred to Court Five.Last Thursday bandits turned the normally tranquil Uncle Eddie’s Home in Tucville into a murder scene. The staff found the bound body of Coleridge near a sofa in the lobby of the senior citizens home.A post-mortem reported concluded that Coleridge died as a result of strangulation. The thieves also escaped with a small refrigerator,wholesale jerseys, a microwave and a television set, all of which were recovered a short distance away from the murder scene.This newspaper understands that the bandits gained entry by prising open a northern door and after severing the telephone lines they immediately confronted Coleridge who was sitting in the eastern section of the home.
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