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A young West Coast Berbice fisherman got the shock of his life while pulling up his seine yesterday to find the partial skeleton of a rice farmer who disappeared late last year.The skeletal torso of 33-year-old Seeram Totaram, of Bath Settlement,China NBA Jerseys, West Coast Berbice, was discovered yesterday morning. The man had disappeared on December 21 last.Relatives of the missing farmer were able to positively identify the remains from the underwear that was stuck to the skeleton.This newspaper understands that both feet up to the knee,Cheap Jerseys, the head and hands were missing from Totaram’s skeleton.According to the dead man’s niece,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Raffia Khan,Cheap Jerseys, Totaram was last seen on the afternoon of December 21 last year when he visited their home.According to Khan, Totaram who did not live too far from their home had watched a movie on television and later went home.She said that minutes later,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he told his wife Latchmie Khemraj that he was going to round up some labourers to ‘throw paddy’ the following day. He was never seen alive again.When he did not return home that night,China Jerseys, his wife informed relatives and a massive search was launched.Relatives from as far away as Skeldon also joined in the unsuccessful search.Yesterday,Cheap Jerseys China, when the young fisherman who had set his seine the previous day went to pick it up, he noticed the strange object hooked up in the net.He immediately raised an alarm and the police were informed.Relatives are convinced that Totaram was murdered and they believe that the prime suspect is a villager who was recently incarcerated for rape.A police source in the community told this newspaper that they had questioned several persons during the period that Totaram went missing.He explained that the police will now have to again question the said persons now that the body has been found.“The guy in prison will have to be questioned again. We had held him before but now we will have to grill him further,” the source said.A post mortem examination will be performed on the skeleton in the hope of determining whether it is a case of murder.
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