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Save it and use PUR Glue again next time

If you cannot use it up at one time, then you must cover tightly the hose, try to avoid contact with the air and water, thus you can save it and use PUR Glue again next time. When use again, after squeezing the formed part, you can continue to use.

1. Pressure Activated These are pressure sensitive sticky compositions applied to backing materials such as cloth, plastic, paper and film. There is a protective cover that is also provided and needs to be removed before application. Water Activated These come with paper backing tapes. It needs to be moisturized prior to application.

Heat Activated In this variety, you will not even feel the stickiness until the application of heat on the same. It is widely used for commercial and industrial packing and sealing purposes.

There are abounding types of Adhesive Labels available, they can appear in any admeasurement you crave about there are usually specific sizes that you can order. Adhesive Labels if cardboard based can appear in any colour you desire, you can aswell accept them pre printed.

If you are appliance hot joya in a business aspect again you can even absorb you r aggregation logo into the label. It could be small in the bend or achromatic as a background, this looks absolute able if the chump receives the letter and sees a branded label.

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