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I booked a cheap flight Seven Lessons To Learn From Great Sales People for myself and six others with Iberia Airlines to South America on by Barter Travel. We flew from Dublin to Madrid and sta[censored] in Madrid for one night, you collect your vouchers for the Transfers and Hotel at the airport and it is totally hassle free.

We booked a cheap hotel in Madrid - Diana Hotel which was about PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition 15 minutes drive from Madrid Airport, the hotel was fine and there was lots of small outlets within the hotel,( ie. Pubs, restaurants) we found one little pub in the hotel grounds that sta[censored] open for us until 4am.

The flight from Madrid to Brazil went by fairly quickly, before landing the Captain warned us that there would be a delay with luggage because everything had to be x ra[censored] , by the time we all got out of the Airport, nearly two hours had elapsed. I booked the cheap transfers with Barter Travel and they were great, the poor guy was waiting for over two hours for us and he didn't moan once.

We sta[censored] in The Porta Bay Rio Intercontinental Hotel on Copacabana Beach and the hotel was just fabulous, all rooms had a sea view, side or facing. We were giving wine on arrival as a welcome drink and the staff couldn't be more helpful, all spoke English.

The Breakfast room was the best I have ever seen, all gl[censored] windows facing the Beach and the food was really good, loads of choice.

The hotel had a swimming pool on the roof, again facing the beach and at the side Matamalayong of us the Statue of Christ the Redeemer.

We didn't arrive at the hotel until 1am but the staff kept the bar open so another late night.

The following morning we all decided to visit the statue of Christ. We got a taxi from the hotel to Corcovado Mountain (very cheap) from there we took the Tram up to the statue, the Tram goes through the only Urban rainforest in the world with breathtaking views. There are quite a few steps up to the statue, but lifts and escalators are available.

We took a few snaps and had our lunch up there. So cheap.

That evening we went to a local restaurant on the beach front, loads of the locals come around Low-Impact Exercises For Seniors in Milwaukee, WI singing and Petite Sirah/Syrah : One of the Finest Drinks selling different things, we had starters, main meal and loads of wine, the bill was only 25.00 euros each.

Before going to Rio, we talked about going to the Favelas (shanty Towns). The guide books tell you to keep away but we wanted to see the other side of Brazil. We booked the trip through our hotel and it Harley Davidson Jackets - How To Decide On The Best Model cost around 30.00 euros per person, tourist trips are quite expensive, an open top jeep picked us up from the hotel with a driver and guide who spoke English. We were brought straight up to the Favelas, we had a few butterflies in the belly as we approached because as soon as we entered two guys on walkie talkies started radioing down to let whoever it was on the other end know that we were there and when the guide said we were getting out and walking we nearly lost the plot, but everything was fine, we got a dance lesson from Bringing Up A Camera Baby: Getting The Best Portraits Of Your Newest Addition a market trader selling CDs and we were able to buy local crafts. We got taken into one of the houses and even though they look horrendous from the outside they were spotless inside and the views all around them were spectacular. We got back into the jeep and drove all around and people were just shouting out [censored] o as we passed.

After the Favelas we were taken to the national park which was called Tijuca and it was absolutely fantastic, waterfalls and wildlife all around. We spent a good few hours here before heading back to the hotel. That night we decided to visit Shenanigans Irish pub in Ipanema they had a live band and it was full of tourists from America, Ireland and England, a lot of bars that serve food give you a piece of paper with the entire menu of food and drinks, you keep this with you all night and every time you order something they mark it off, and Haunted Legends: The Queen Of Spades Collector's Edition at the end of Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition the night you just pay at the till before leaving, its all waitress service so it would be hard to lose the menu list. The food is mainly burgers, ribs and pasta but really cheap Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands Collector's Edition and tasty. The bar has a balcony at the front where you can go out and have a cigarette because the smoking ban is in over there. On a Sunday there is a market on all day right in front of the pub. For our meal and [censored] tails all night the bill came to 35.00 euros each.

The next day we decided to lounge about on Copacabana Beach, temperature was early 30s. The hotel provided sun loungers on the beach and the guys giving them out also kept watch over you. Locals come around singing and selling stuff all day but they are not one bit pushy, if you say no they just tell you to have Reincarnations: Back To Reality Collector's Edition a good day. In the afternoon we shopped in the local market for presents, the market was only a minute walk form our hotel and it is on from Friday to Monday all day and night.

That night, which was a Monday, we went into a Brazilian Restaurant in Rio and the place was jam packed, they had a live band and the place was hopping, Brazilians really know how to have a good time. Again we had a meal and [censored] tails all night, and still the bill was only 25.00 euros each.

Tuesday was our last day in Copacabana, some of the Guys went off on a Helicopter ride around The Statue of Christ and Rio, for an eight minute spin it was around 50.00 euros, the rest of us lazed by the pool for the day. That evening we went for an Italian meal and again dirt cheap, we didn't want to have a late night because we were catching a flight from Rio to Argentina the next day.

Brazilian money is a closed currency so we had to spend the surplus in the Airport, if you buy something from the duty free they give you change in American Dollars, but other shops in the Airport give you Brazilian Real back.

Our transfer was waiting for us in Buenos Aires and the first thing we noticed was how cold it was, again the transfer was with Barter Travel and no problem what so ever.

We sta[censored] in the Ameriano in Buenos Aires, four star hotel on BB basis, great spot central to everything. We had an Irish bar across the The Day After Money road and the food was really good and really cheap, no Irish owner though.

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