Why should students have good resume writing skills?



Date & time Aug 3 '22
Creator Fraley Davies

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Whether a student is applying for a part-time job, or an internship, having a convincing resume is highly important. Students who are good resume builders, are able to make themselves stand out in comparison to their competitors.


Resume writing skills are usually taught to students in a technical writing course. The importance of these skills can be guessed from the fact that a technical writing course is formally taught to students of all majors. Good resume writing skills can also be brought into great use by a student. Many students nowadays cannot find a job that they can do. In such cases, they can always bring their resume writing skills into effect and start selling resumes. In fact, many students formally pursue resume writing as a part-time job which brings them a good amount of money. Having a side skill is always preferred for students. This is because one can always make money out of such skills.


The most important part in a resume is the cover letter. This would also require students to have good general writing skills in order to portray themselves as the most reliable. Good resume writing is not all about having a good knowledge of the contents of a resume, after all.

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