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The Nintendo 3DS process makes use of a twin projection technique that shows the same image in two different ways. dollars) provided by Thailand was spent on this work, of which 30 percent was given as a loan and the remainder was a low-interest loan, according to the report.
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There were traffic jams in Jamaica when the second installment of the hilarious comedy “Bashment Granny” opened there and promoters bringing the show to Guyana are hoping that that effect would trickle down here and translate into sold-out crowds at the National Cultural Centre.A stirring script from Garfield Reid and astute direction from Michael Nicholson has made Bashment Granny a hit among Guyanese who have picked up a copy from DVD vendors across the country. But now, they get to see the follow up, which Synergy Promotion promises is even more hilarious.Synergy Promotion, headed by Mark Xavier, is dubbing the Guyana show “The comedy spectacle for 2009.” Bashment Granny 2 is slated for August 14-16.The play has had hugely successful runs in North America, England,Cheap Jerseys From China, and across the Caribbean and the local promoters,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, anticipating the success of the Guyana performances, is also gunning for hold-over shows, even though dates are tight at the moment.Xavier said bringing Bashment Granny 2 to Guyana is symbolic of his organisation’s effort to bring quality entertainment to Guyana while at the same time showcasing Caribbean arts.The saga continues‘Bashment Granny 2 – The saga continues’ is the sequel of the original hit of 2006 in a plot that boils friendship and trust,Stitched Jerseys, or a lack thereof,Cheap Jerseys From China, in a pot of laughter.Reid schemes to collect $12 million from his girlfriend under false pretence, but you’d think he would have en exit strategy! The thing is, he did get the money, but from where? When you have the cash coming from questionable sources, ending up in questionable hands, under questionable circumstances,jerseys nfl wholesale, what you have is a sudden rush of charges,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, countercharges and the discharging of weapons.Mr Bashment (Maxwell Grant) is adamant that his hard work in securing the cash is worth at least $6 million. Constable Shebada (Keith Ramsay), who is the livewire of the whole thing, is staking the same claim. Half-A-Dog (Junior Williams), the real owner of the cash, is in no mood for negotiations. He wants half of nothing.Constable Shebada is not only fighting for his portion of the cash. He is using some of the cash to fight for his freedom as he now finds himself in court on a charge of murder, stemming from a shooting incident as he tries to enforce the law. Betram (Volier Johnson) is Constable Shebada’s attorney, who is not only mounting a vigorous defence, but is also fighting for his own marriage, after his wife, Gloria (Deon Silvera), decides to serve up a menu of divorce papers.In the core of this social centrifuge Babalita (Abigail Grant) is stretched by her former association with Bad Boy Trevor and her new high-energy romantic escapade with the New York-accented Half-A-Dog.‘Must See’Gavin Hope of Digicel Guyana said the mobile telecommunications company decided to support the promoters because its own research revealed the play’s popularity among Guyanese and said the DVD’s were going like wildfire.“Come and laugh with us for three solid hours,” Hope urged at a press conference earlier this week to announce the show.He is urging fans to get their tickets early for what he described as “a must see comedy show.”Carey Griffith of Windjammer Restaurant said his company was proud to be a part of the show and said it is designed for all ages and races.Andre Kellman of Len’s Craft Optical described the play as “definitely hilarious” and said patrons would want to get their tickets early when they go on sale on July 27 at the National Cultural Centre.Trevor Fraser of Lucky Dollar, another of the show’s sponsors, described the Granny Bashment production as “top class” and noted that “some of us will see ourselves in the characters being depicted.”
ROSE HALL TOWN, CORENTYNE – A corporate citizen has come to the assistance of the Municipality.Last week the Management of Gafoor’s, Rose Hall made a trailer available for the dumping of refuse in Rose Hall South for an indefinite period. The vehicle remains the property of Gafoor’s.The trailer to be used by residents.The Rose Hall branch of Gafoor’s set up the vehicle, which would be parked at the southern end of Independence Avenue during the day and returned to the company at evenings for safekeeping. The cost of the trailer is $750,000.Finance Officer Subrina Rupan is hoping that through this initiative there would be a significant reduction of garbage within the Rose Hall area.Bhadenauth Somrah,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Chairman of the Rose Hall Town Interim Management Committee,Wholesale Jerseys From China, said that his Municipality is thankful for the move by Gafoor’s and urged other business entities within the town to make similar gestures.According to Mr. Somrah,China Jerseys Cheap, since 2007 the garbage collection and disposal have improved significantly and many persons no longer dump garbage recklessly.The Chairman of the Interim Management Committee, while indicating that many residents are cooperating with the council,Cheap Jerseys Online, pleaded with the remainder to do what is right to preserve their environment.In 2007,Discount NFL Jerseys, the Rose Hall Interim Management launched a pilot programme and under this,Supply NFL Jerseys, residents were able to purchase garbage bins and the venture was a success.The rates and taxes collection has always been a bugbear for the council and in any given year never more than 50 percent of the projected amount is collected. Defaulting taxpayers owe the municipality in excess of $29 million and this dates back to 1988 and keeps growing every year.Last year, collection dropped by 30 percent, as against 2007. Only $5.1 million was collected in 2008 and the previous year the figure was $7.3 million.The Chairman attributed this to a number of situations including the fact that many persons do not honour their obligation to make the payments and this affects the pace of development.The $8 million subvention paid to the Rose Hall Interim Management Committee by government would be used to rehabilitate roads, desilt the drainage network and improve minor streets among others.He said that the municipality is hoping to receive its subvention by June.
The recent inquiry into the financial affairs of City Hall concurs with the findings of the Auditor General Report according to Commissioner of Inquiry, Keith Burrowes.Burrowes’s disclosure came on Monday when he addressed the statutory meeting of the Mayor and City Council on Monday.He revealed,Cheap Sports Jerseys, too,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, that a modified report of the inquiry is likely to be officially handed over to Minister of Local Government and Regional Development,China NFL Jerseys, Kellawan Lall and unveiled for public consumption before the end of this week.According to Burrowes, the official undertaking is expected to be done at a press conference and represents the wish of the Minister who will make the final decision on the recommendations contained in the three-volume report.While not venturing into the specifics of the report, Burrowes said that the report will detail recommendations that will cover a number of departments and is aimed at strengthening the management of the council.But according to him in recognition of the state of the financial system of the municipality he is recommending that a proposal be made to have the current balance be written off.“I think we are all aware of the situation in terms of the financial statements. I have had several meetings with the Auditor General and at the last meeting, after some debate, a decision was taken that the council should, soon after handing over the report, prepare a proposal to write off those amounts coming forward on your balance sheet that nobody could verify,” Burrowes related.The state of the accounts at the municipality is “unbelievably poor” thus a write off will help to bring clarity to the process, he said.“I took the 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 accounts and I did some analysis and I could tell you that the changes are the same from one year to another and with no real explanation I cannot figure out, unless I am a magician, how those figures change from one year to another.”Burrowes said that the proposal that will be prepared must take into consideration the history of assets and liabilities as well as the income statements and the valuation of assets,China Jerseys Wholesale, factors that must be addressed before the final resolution of a write-off is implemented.However, once the proposal is tabled and approved before the council, Burrowes noted that the financial slate of the city entity will be wiped clean allowing for a fresh start as of January next year.City Mayor,China NFL Jerseys, Hamilton Green,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, questioned whether the state would allow the writing of the municipal’s balance sheets based on the difficult circumstances that have been exposed by the findings.Burrowes cautioned, though, that the write-off may not necessarily mean that all assets and liabilities will be written off since it is only intended to target those amounts that are unverifiable.

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    – Special dietary arrangements also in placeThe Hits and Jams Entertainment team is adamant that international recording artiste Ne-Yo is heading to Guyana and will in fact arrive a day before he is scheduled to perform.“Ne-Yo will be here; his contract has been signed and paid for,Cheap NFL jerseys China,” Simeon Francis, the entity’s Events Manager said yesterday.The event’s promoters are unhappy with a Kaieteur News report yesterday which pointed to the fact that Ne-Yo has on his official website a map of the wrong Providence while promoting his show in Guyana.The promoters have indicated that Ne-Yo’s contract has been signed and paid forAnd so, they have decided to release full details,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, including flight arrangements, Ne-Yo’s entourage and dietary stipulations.Ne-Yo is scheduled to perform at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, East Bank Demerara, on August 21.Francis told Kaieteur News that Ne-Yo will arrive in the country on August 20 at 07:30 hrs via a Delta flight. The artiste is travelling with an entourage of 23 persons,China NBA Jerseys, according to the Events Manager.Once Ne-Yo gets into Guyana,wholesale jerseys china, he is scheduled to have a live press conference at 14:30 hrs,NFL Jerseys China, according to Francis.He said the Hits and Jams team has been in contact with Ne-Yo over the past month and the arrangements have been finalised. Even the special foods Ne-Yo has requested have been finalised, Francis stated.
    – 90 per cent of labour force doesn’t have an education above secondary levelBy Rabindra RooplallLast year, 251 questionnaires were classified by sectors of which 90 per cent originated from the Private Sector, six percent Public Sector and four percent  Para-Public Sector. This is according to the Statistical Unit, Ministry of Labour Human Services and Social Security.According to the Statistical Unit, the survey targeted 540 establishments. Of this amount, 251 establishments in eight regions responded, giving a response rate of 47 per cent. The establishments had 9,263 employees consisting of 4,952 men and 4,Cheap Authentic Jerseys,311 women. A total of 227 private organisations, 13 Public institutions and 11 Para-public institutions were sampled.It was revealed that approximately 58 percent of the workforce is on the job between one and four years. This indicates a serious problem with retaining workers. Therefore, intensive efforts are needed for workers, while providing reasonable compensation packages or conditions of services.Data further indicate that 20 percent of the workforce is stable. However, 10 percent of the workforce has 10-14 years of service, while 10 percent has more than 15 years on the job.Statistics further revealed more than 90 percent of the labour force does not have an education above secondary level, and since the quality of education relates to quality of service, there is need to improve academic abilities of workers, hence,jerseys from china, the need for persons to attain higher education.This issue has to be addressed in order to have a more competitive economy in light of Guyana’s recent ranking at 97 on an index of 198 in terms of having competitive economies,China Jerseys Wholesale, the investigators stated.Job categories such as Accountancy, Drug Manufacturing and Commercial Banking, just to name a few, attracted the largest number of employees and higher salaries, while a significant number of persons preferred to work in the heavy-duty machinery working environment on the basis of receiving high salaries. This resulted in increased demand for training in the latter jobs.The educational attainment level of the 2246 persons who were sampled from the 9263 respondents indicates that 29 percent gained primary education, 52 percent completed secondary school education, nine percent obtained technical education,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, eight percent achieved a tertiary level education and two percent did not indicate. Thus, tertiary and technical levels account for 17 percent.More men than women have been consistently noted in the total samples from these three years. Men outnumbered women at primary and technical levels and for those not stated for the three years. The exception to this trend was 2009 where women attained higher numbers at secondary level and 2008 when there were more women than men with a tertiary education.For 2009,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, technical and tertiary percentages declined relatively compared to previous years,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while two percent of the academic levels were not indicated.Based on the test , Indo-Guyanese seem to prefer jobs in sawmilling, beverage retail, textile retail, motor vehicle repair, quarrying, rice milling, and furniture manufacturing, while Afro- Guyanese seem to prefer jobs in hotels and restaurants, household items retail, telecommunication, postal services, security among others.According to data, women seem to be maintaining a substantial share of the working population; even working to reduce the male- female gap in some instances. While 218 organisations in 2007 employed 9753 workers, in 2009, 251 organisations utilised 9263 employees.This could indicate that more proportionately smaller firms were used in the 2009 survey or that employers seem to be managing with relatively less staff. Data show consistent increase in both categories and total for 2009 relative to the previous years, despite being below the figures for 2007.The Guyana Occupational Wages and Hours of Work Survey (OWHWS) is an Annual Publication of the Statistical Unit of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security. It provides vital occupational hours and wages and salaries statistics which are collected from businesses, government institutions, trade unions and private organisations among others.
    A policy decision was recently taken to bring the supervision and regulation of credit unions under the purview of the Bank of Guyana.This is according to Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga.Central Bank Governor,NFL Jerseys China, Dr. Gobind GangaThe Governor recently stated that the area is a “supervisory blind spot” with significant reach to the most vulnerable income groups. He said that the decision is in keeping with the overarching objective of the Bank to enhance supervision of the Non-Bank Financial Institutions sector.Dr. Ganga said that during the third and fourth quarters of 2016,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a “Sectoral Diagnosis and Recommendations for Regulation, Auditing and Supervision of the Credit Union Sector of Guyana” was undertaken by the World Bank.The diagnostic mission covered, inter alia,China NBA Jerseys, areas such as the Legal Framework/Registration; Audit and Supervision; and an in-depth study of the Organizational Structure and Operation of the Credit Unions.Dr. Ganga said that based on preliminary findings,Wholesale Jerseys, the credit unions’ lack of familiarity with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), interpretation of financial indicators, inadequate internal control systems and their complex governance procedures, it is probable that the entire process of fully integrating credit unions under the Bank’s control and achieving some kind of level playing field in regulation will take many years.The Central Bank Governor said that the next step will see the launch of an in-depth audit of the Credit Union Sector, which will focus on areas of corporate governance, liquidity,Jerseys Wholesale, solvency,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, credit business and performance.

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