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About the types and characteristics of emerald

Emerald - glass kind cartier ring copy sale of jade - glass kind of glass as the name implies is as transparent as glass, the quality is very fine, hardness of about 7, the highest cartier ring rose gold fake hardness of jade, jade is also the how much is a cartier knock off ring best Need for jade - ice kind of jade species ice only In the glass species, it refers to the various colors of emerald seed water terms. White than the glass kind of jade - glutinous rice species only second only to ice species, but also the top grade jade, color like glutinous rice, no ice is good transparency Jade - Oil green seed oil is a dark green Emerald, color gray, blue, but kind, fine. Better translucent emerald - white background green white background color white or gray, but poor light transmission, the basic opaque, foundation, but also individual ice base, the structure is generally thicker, relatively bright green Jade - The blessing of life The blessing of life is a species of emerald, refers to a piece of emerald stone at the same time there are three colors of green, red, purple (or white), which symbolizes good luck, It is called the blessing of life. Translucent stone also varies greatly according to the difference can be glass, ice, beans, glutinous rice, foundation, etc., if it has a kind of colored, it is worth a lot of jade - violet and purple sapphire

Violet jade color background is purple, including eggplant purple, blue purple, purple and so on, translucent from ice to the foundation have. Purple sapphire refers to the purple-based emerald green. Purple deep, fine texture, high transparency jade is difficult to find, has become the favorite of European and American jade - bean species jade beans is a very common emerald species, which is characterized by coarse particles, light Sex is poor, it's many different types, such as bean species, ice bean species, oil bean species, cat bean species, fine bean species, etc. Jade - Moxa Jade Jade is a jade, the color is black, Said medium permeability, thick opaque, but cut into pieces made of carved pieces of dark green, thin (1mm) can be transparent; more uniform, better polishing. But thick jade also opaque emerald - Fei color species, also known as red, topaz

Jade is the color of jade red jade, also known as ruby, topaz, the color is reddish brown, orange-red, maroon, the color of the great changes in light transmittance changes are also large, transparent, translucent to opaque; The structure is also divided into large, fine, medium grain to coarse-grained structure Jade - Dry green dry green color is bright green but poor light transmittance of jade. The color is malachite green, often containing black, green and black and white. Its color is rich but not uniform; coarse structure, ranging in thickness ranging from granular and fibrous structure; poor light transmission, opaque. The proportion of heavier than the rest of jade, but lower hardness, 6 or less; brittle, refractive index higher than other emerald, 1.75 or so. As dry green species are too dry, no moisture, and the nature of the more brittle, lower hardness, made of cartier ring with diamonds replica small pieces of more pieces, can make bracelets and other large pieces of small pieces of emerald - Life is a Burmese transliteration, meaning green, it is a jadeite. However, the structure of coarse particles, the combination of more loose; light transmission is relatively poor; hardness is poor. But the physical properties: the proportion of 3.30 3.33; refractive index of about 1.66 with other emerald the same
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