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Qujing tourist attractions recommended

Qujing food culture goes back to ancient times. Since its establishment in the Ming and Qing dynasties, the prestige ham has been famous both at home and abroad for its color, quality and flavor, as well as unique taste of Lu Liang Pan Duck, Qujing Chive Flower, Zhan Yi Spicy Chicken, Malone buckwheat silk, etc. If you go to Luoping tourism, in more Yihe, Lubuge landscape, taste the local Buyi people do colored flowers, but also a rare beauty. Qujing is located in northeastern Yunnan, because of its proximity to the hinterland, with convenient transportation, more contacts with the Central Plains, and Sichuan bordering on its cooking tastes similar to Sichuan. 1, ordinary food stalls restaurant dishes Price: vegetables 34 yuan, 68 yuan stir fried meat, scrambled egg 5 yuan, fried ribs 810 yuan, fried ham 810 yuan, vegetable soup 3 yuan, steamed meat 610 yuan, steam pot Chicken 1015 yuan, 1520 yuan casserole. At the end of self-service hot pot at 1520 yuan per pot, 1220 yuan per person 2, eaten in Yunnan bridge noodle, cartier ring band copy if not enough to add rice noodles, generally do not want money. There are many minorities in Qujing, and Buyi is one of the larger ethnic minorities. Buyi mainly engaged in agriculture, developed handicrafts. Buyi people have their own language, there is no history of the text. 'Green mountains and rivers, floating folk songs and water, live in Buyi people in the song. Spend the festivities with flowers, with the love of the wood to pass the love story. Small bamboo rafts into the dream, Diaojiao Lou lifting style painting.' Mountain is home, water is also Home, how poetic, comfortable and comfortable life!

Buyi residence

Luo Ping's Buyi people like to live with the water, mainly in Luoping County Jiulong River, more Yihe, Huangnihe River and the upper reaches of Nanpanjiang River Valley, Bazi, residential 'dry-rail' stilts, simple structure, beautiful , Practical Buyi etiquette

Bouyei people hospitality, enthusiasm, generous, sincere, who came to the cottage, friends and old, old acquaintances, will be treated with alcohol. Buyi is very polite, do not welcome swearing, behaving rude guests. Buyi people to the guest house, shall not touch the shrine and the table, fire pond tripod taboo taboo stampede. Buyi ethnic customs to wine, guests more or less copy cartier ring with diamonds should drink a little. The mountain god trees and large Luohan trees in the Buyi villages prohibit anyone from touching and felting. Buyi ethnic gifts must send a few Buyi costumes

Buyi more than live in Pingba or near the valley of the village, men and women and more like to wear blue, green, black and white color cloth clothing. Young men more turban, wear a pair of lapel (or long gown), turban, trousers. Elderly people usually wear shorts or gown. Women's clothing varies from place to place, and some wear right-flanked plaits, trousers or pleated skirts, silver-plated bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. Some like embroidery on clothes, and some like to use white towel Baotou. Buyi ethnic minorities have produced a batik Aura, most of them wear clothing is hand-sewn, fit, simple and elegant Buyi marriage customs

Buyi tribal marriage is monogamy. The same clan or same surname is strictly forbidden. Also keep the 'aunt uncle table marriage' and brother and brother turn room custom. Pre-marital love for men and women free, with the occasion of the festival custom, fair and collective gatherings, with three to five people to seven or eight free combination of ways, talk and laughter and singing tune, talk to each other's feelings. When a man fancy a girl, in accordance with tradition, we must find a third party companion, while others come forward by their sister introduced. If the woman has this meaning, you can meet with each other quietly at the secluded folk songs, express friendship. Until both parties exchange gifts, it means that they have allied for a lifetime Luoping Rape Culture and Tourism Festival

Time: January, April

Luo Ping Rape Flower Cultural Tourism Festival January 4 each year held in Luoping County of Qujing, this time coincided with the beginning cartier love imitation ring diamonds of winter and early spring, Luo Ping 200000 acres of rape in the boundless Bazi beautiful intoxicated, it is a good season . The festivals set agricultural cartier replica ring rose gold sightseeing, natural scenery Range Rover, ethnic customs show, business negotiations in one of the festivals, attracting hundreds of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists every year to visit the main activities during the festival are: watching the colorful opening ceremony of theatrical performances, Enjoy the rape flowers and sea with the title of 'the largest natural garden in the world,' visit the Jiulong Waterfalls Group and Luo Pingfenglin, the most beautiful waterfalls in China and the peaks of China, February February, March three'

Time: Lunar New Year in February, March third

'February 2' is a holiday for the Buyi people. The main venue is the festival of 'March 3' for Buyi and Zhuang people in Luoping County, Qujing City. The main venue is the Duoyi River and the Jiulong Waterfalls in Luoping County, Qujing City. Shizong County, Phoenix Valley Scenic Area, Wulong Zhuang Xiang Festival, there will be folk songs, splashing water, rafts, sacrificial offerings, sacrificial water, bamboo dance, campfire, folk performances and other activities China Luliang International Colored Sand Sculpture Festival

Time: March August

Luliang International Sand Sculpture Festival carved sand sculpture venue in Luliang County, Qujing City, colored sarin scenic area. Sand Sculpture Festival is a spectacular display of colorful sand carving and sand cultural connotation of the window, during the festival there will be a large opening ceremony theatrical performances, sand sculpture display and other activities.
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