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Guangzhou jewelry jade market fraud big Secret

Guangzhou, as the national jewelry distribution center, the jewelry market jewelry processing methods have a certain representation. In recent years, all kinds of jewelery fakes appear on the antiques market all over the country, deceiving collectors and consumers, making people unavoidable. Insiders said that these counterfeiters are mostly from the jade jewelry market in Guangzhou. Here, after the experts visited to sum up -

Colorless gemstones or gemstones with a color solution soak, the pigment deposition on the surface of the gemstone to change the color of the gem itself. This treatment was originally used mainly in the porous jagged jade, and now mainly used in crystal counterfeiting, the colorless or light-colored crystal with yellow or purple solution to soak imitation of amethyst, amethyst. In addition the market is also useful purple pen in colorless bracelet surface imitation of the phenomenon of imitation violets, this method of identification is relatively simple, as long as the heart will not let go of two,

The colorless stones or colored stones with colored string string colored imitation colored stones, mainly used for topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and so on. Strictly speaking, this can not be regarded as a treatment method, because it does not deal with the gem itself, but this method is easy for beginners to lose in the judgment of the price.

In a string of beads mixed with cheaper other gems such as glass, synthetic stones, gems and other processing. Such as topaz mixed glass, natural crystal mixed with synthetic crystal, tourmaline mixed crystal, Jade mixed jade processing, etc. Fourth, polishing powder caused by color method

In the colorless or light jade bracelet inside and outside the surface more green powder left to change the color of the bracelet itself. This method a few years ago in the imitation cartier love ring wedding band market more popular, cold for a period of time, and now it is up again. Detection found that this method is used to imitate the oil jade species more attention should be paid in the detection of uniform color, blue tone of the jade bracelet five coating method

In the jewelry market in Guangzhou coating method is mainly used in the following cartier love ring yellow gold imitation areas:

1. Garnet coating on the surface of the red garnet coated with a layer of metallic luster film, the transmission was observed crimson, the industry known as 'bloodstains' 2. Crystal coating on the surface of the crystal cluster with a metallic luster Film used to make 'Rainbow Stone' sales 3. Amber coating method A yellowish amber coating on the underside of a dark red film used to improve the appearance of amber 4. Glass coating method used to make simulation jewelry 5. Coated Kaplan aesthetics mainly Used to protect the raw material of colorful spotted ammonite, because the colored spotted ammonite has the layered structure, if does not protect the surface to fall off easily.6,

The traditional staining method applied to Charles stone. Charles stone also commercially known as the 'Purple Dragon Eye' to purple as expensive, but some Charoen Stone uneven color, light color, so the market is also available purple solution staining Charoen stone appears, this approach with acetone Wipe and zoom in to identify seven, fight law

Splicing law in Guangzhou jewelry market mainly used in the landscape crystal, watermelon tourmaline and diffusion processing star sapphire. Detection method is mainly to find the split line and flat surface of the bubble eight, artificial 'luminous' material imitation 'Night Pearl'

Use a strontium-containing artificial luminous materials imitation of the night pearl. This artificial luminous material early yellowish green, the latest product on the market was dark green, hair strong yellow-green phosphorescence in the dark, was fine material. X-ray fluorescence analysis shows strontium, zinc peak nine, irradiation method

Mainly used in topaz, lemon yellow crystal, colored diamonds and black diamonds, this method of processing gems with conventional detection methods more difficult to identify ten, a new method of processing jade

In addition to bleaching, plastic injection (wax), dyeing, remanufacturing and other traditional methods of processing, emerald treatment recently has a new trend, that emerald bracelet coating method eleven, jade bracelet coating method

Unlike the traditional 'dressing' Jade mainly used in the ring surface is different, this method is mainly used in bracelets, bracelets in a part of the surface coating, the film is colorless or partially colorless and partially colored, colored parts cartier replica ring band are not Ordinary dye but fine-grained green emerald raw materials. Because this method without acid, the dye used is also natural, so very deceptive. Its main purpose is to fill the cuff or change the color of the bracelet. The earliest appearance of this bracelet surface more bubbles, feel more astringent, knock off cartier love ring yellow gold gloss is poor. Recently this treatment has been improved, the surface is basically more difficult to find bubbles, gloss is also better. Of course, this method is easy to identify using routine detection methods.
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