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RIO DE JANEIRO Radamel Falcao Copa Mundial Camiseta , April 15 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian government has rejected claims that the pubic cost of staging this year's World Cup has impacted funding for health and education.

In a speech to Brazil's congress on Tuesday, sports minister Aldo Rebelo said his portfolio's annual budget - which includes World Cup projects - is less than one percent of that for health and education.

"There are those who compare investments in the World Cup with health and education, as if there has been a misuse of resources. This argument does not have any weight," Rebelo said.

Rebelo's comments coincide with simmering anger in Brazil at the huge cost of staging the June 12-July 13 tournament.

Mass anti-government rallies that began during last June's Confederations Cup are expected to regain momentum during the World Cup.

Protestors have expressed dismay that billions of dollars are being spent on football stadiums instead of improvements to Brazil's precarious public services like hospitals Roger Martinez Copa Mundial Camiseta , schools and transport.

But Rebelo denied the cost of the tournament was being borne by taxpayers.

"The World Cup is basically a private sector project," he said. "The government offered loans of up to 400 million reais (180 million US dollars) for stadiums. But even so, some [stadium constructors] did not seek a loan. Brasilia didn't, Parana [Curitiba] took less than half Abel Aguilar Copa Mundial Camiseta , as did Porto Alegre."

Infrastructure projects, many of which will not be ready until after the tournament due to severe construction delays, also include investments in new airport terminals, roads Carlos Bacca Copa Mundial Camiseta , hotels, telecommunications and public transport.

"We are creating infrastructure not only for the World Cup but for Brazil," Rebelo added.

SEOUL, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Rates for mortgage loans among South Korean banks rose to the highest in 10 months amid the expected three rate hikes next year in the United States, central bank data showed on Wednesday.

Rates for home-backed loans offered by banks stood at an annualized rate of 3.04 percent in November, up 0.15 percentage points from the previous month, according to the Bank of Korea (BOK).

It was the highest since January, keeping an upward momentum for four months in a row after a rebound in 2.66 percent in July to 2.70 percent in August.

The rebound came amid rising expectations for the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December this year. The Fed indicated three rate increases in 2017, putting pressure on the BOK to lift its policy rate that sank to its all-time low of 1.25 percent.

Rates for all lendings to households advanced 0.12 percentage points over the month to 3.20 percent last month.

One percentage point increase in lending rates is estimated to raise debt-serving burden on households by about 9 trillion won (7.5 billion U.S. dollars) per year.

According to the BOK's financial stability report released on Tuesday, 1.46 million South Koreans are borrowers sensitive to higher lending rates for their low credit and low income. Their debts amounted to 78.6 trillion won.

While you may be too excited about your newly proliferating collection of stainless steel jewelry, you may have to learn a bit more about their care and maintenance. Owning a jewelry is not the end but the starting rather Carlos Sanchez Moreno Copa Mundial Camiseta , as you care for it, clean it, polish it from time to time, and wear and take it off with care Wilmar Barrios Copa Mundial Camiseta , and most importantly store it in the right place at the right conditions. Are you doing all that properly for your steel jewelry? If not, then read on to know more how you can take the best care for the jewelry.

Why you should clean your steel jewelry?

You should clean your stainless steel jewelry because; the pieces that are coming in contact of the body will accumulate body salts and sweat from the skin. Besides, the body oil or sebum, and the dirt and dust from outdoors Stefan Medina Copa Mundial Camiseta , all combines to form a thin layer of the jewelry, and you would understand its presence when you press it with your fingers and release, and would find your finger impression on the piece. This happens because the surface is not clean, and an unclean surface won’t give you that shine too.

How to clean your steel jewelry?

The first thing you must be sure is that the jewelry of steel you have bought is of stainless steel Oscar Murillo Copa Mundial Camiseta , because to clean it, you would need to bring it in contact with water. And if your steel is not stainless, it would catch rust in a wash or two.
To simply clean the jewelry do the following:

• Take a dry and smooth cloth.
• Wipe your jewelry with the cloth
• Rub every side till it’s totally clean.
• If the piece of jewelry is clean, then you may not need more cleaning with water. But if it’s still a bit greasy Duvan Zapata Copa Mundial Camiseta , and the luster isn’t back yet, then you will have to use a little water here.

The process of water cleaning is described here:

• Take a little water in a bowl.
• Pour a few drops of mild soap in it.
• Dip a cloth in it, and then rub the piece of jewelry so that lather is formed.
• Then rinse and wash it with clean water.

Repeat the steps once or twice to get your totally clean and lustrous pieces of stainless steel jewelry.

Testing the process

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